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Lots of Prospie Q's, sorry

It is indeed a new year for admissions-and I admit to having questions. Please answer, oh ye experienced, so that I may learn from thee. Skip any of the ones that annoy you, these are not meant to piss anyone off or give me a 'head start', as was sugguested in another community.
-How forgiving did you find the application process? Just to help, I've taken 10 AP classes, and only 4 regular classes out of the 28 classes I've taken, and only have a 3.6 (weighted) GPA, though I'm making all B's so far; I'm still considered an Enloe failure at barely top 50%. My SAT and ACT scores are high, but I've just recently found my love of learning. Is 'self-discovery' time going to hurt my chances?
-Is it easy for a non-art major to take ceramics and photograpghy classes? Are these facilities open to all students, even if they're not in a class?
-How would a chem major describe the facilities? The teachers? The chem department's 'community' in general?
-What do you feel is the worst aspect of Lewis & Clark? Please break the veiwbook bubble! The more real Lewis & Clark is, the more comfortable I feel applying there.
-Are there any Enloe Alums who have attended school there? There isn't a network I am aware of to help me there-and when I say Enloe, I mean William G. Enloe in Raleigh, NC.
-How would you rate the medical facilities, and the security of the campus? (I know what's avalible, I just want your opinion of their quality.)
-Is it unusual for a dbl major to be passionate about two differant subjects-i.e., chemistry and history?
-How close is a decently stocked, low priced organic foods store?
-Last, and not relevent, are there any rabid Doctor Who, Firefly, Buffy, and various anime fans answering questions?

Thank you so much for your time! Have a lovely evening,

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Why does L&C have two active LJs?
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