wat. (eneeds) wrote in lc_lj,


hey you guys.

first of all, i am not so good with the internet and i accidentally clicked something about monitering this community? i don't know. whoever's in charge of this place is probably pissed. feel free to fix that for me.

so today i got into lewis and clark, which rules. i know that you probably don't like it when people are like I AM INTERESTED IN AVIATION; PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IT IS LIKE TO STUDY FLIGHT AT LEWIS AND CLARK, but i have a similar question.

i want to study english, specifically creative writing. i know lewis and clark has a writing concentration within the major--can anyone tell me what that's like/how good it is?

also, how intellectually motivated are the students? and how hard does portland rule? because i bet it rules really hard, but i've never been.
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